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A board of advisors for the Center is being formed which currently has members from leading industry and national labs, including Intel Labs, Boeing, Raytheon, Los Alamos National Lab, and Northrop Grumman. The size of the board will expand as necessary.

The Center is making progressive efforts to establish alliance with leading optical wireless industry through the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center program of the National Science Foundation. Jointly with Pennsylvania State University and Tufts University, the Center co-organized the Optical Wireless Applications Workshop in State College, Pennsylvania, June 2010, to discuss the potentials to establish a multicampus industry/university research center, leveraging the UC-Light Center expertise and providing leadership to develop a new generation of environment-friendly, wideband optical wireless technology applications including communications, networking, navigation, imaging and remote sensing.

Intel Corp. supported the Center by a grant for research of visible light communication between traffic lights and automobiles. This is the first phase of Intel’s multi-phase plan, aiming to develop and commercialize optical wireless communication and positioning technologies for vehicle networks. The effort will also cover investigation of possibilities to form an automobile industry alliance and develop a corresponding industry standard. 

Sutter Health provided the Center a Building Information Model (BIM) for the design of an LED-based lighting and communication system for its new Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC), in Oakland, CA. The system and model will allow to simulate ABSMC's use once occupied, and to evaluate the building operation with/without the LED-based system.

The Center has received its funding increment from UCOP for the FY10-11 period.


UC-Light Center kickoff meeting was successfully held on January 26, 2010, UCR. Over forty people from government, industry, collaborating UC campuses, and UCR attended this event.

News release on UC-Light Center funding: 

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